Friday 28 November 2014

Plymouth Blitz Tours

It's been a long time since our last blog post, so we thought we better make it a good one!

It's been a long time in the planning and now Hidden Heritage have announced one of their latest exclusive tours in the historic maritime City of Plymouth. Launching in January 2015, Plymouth Blitz Tours will be an interactive experience, taking you on walks around the relics of Second World War sites in Plymouth, inspired by the people who were there who have shared their memories and helped us to build a better understanding of what time was like during the war.

In 2011, Hidden Plymouth assisted BBC Spotlight for the 70th Anniversary of the Plymouth Blitz, visiting Maker Camp on the Rame Peninsula, and descending into one of the former underground Public Air Raid Shelters, a true time capsule from the 1940's.
Now, it's time to finally take you, the people of Plymouth and visitors from around the globe with us on a journey into the past.

Proceeds from tours will be going back to The Plymouth Blitz Project, an online archive that was created with strong support from Hidden Plymouth and Steve Johnson at Cyberheritage, who have shared a great deal of Plymouth History to a worldwide audience online, and now exclusively, to those of you who wish to learn more, with history walks taking you on the journey of this great City that rose from the rubble, beginning with A Plan for Plymouth in 1943 to become Britain's Ocean City today.

Our aim has always been to have some form of Plymouth Blitz Experience, and this year we have moved one step closer to making that a reality, just in time for the 75th Anniversary we hope! #PlymBlitz75