Wednesday 30 May 2012

Calling on the People of Plymouth.....

In the space of 5 years, we have documented in excess of 200 sites in & around Plymouth related to military history, surpassing our original expectations way beyond & further. Each site has it’s own story – from a solitary defensive pillbox to a heavily guarded fort to our favourite discoveries, air raid shelters with walls that do indeed tell a story via the graffiti written by the people who sought refuge in them from enemy bombing raids.

Our Facebook page has been running since 2009 with just under 900 members & just recently, this blog has been relaunched to coincide with the next phase of research for a forthcoming Hidden Plymouth book. Also, behind the scenes we have been working on a future exhibition at Maker Heights, chosen for it’s strong connections with Plymouth over the years. A site steeped not only in military history but a site that became a welcome break for families in it’s adventure camp guise. Another venue will be announced later in the year for the first exhibition we will be holding for the very first time within the City boundary at an exclusive location.

We would like to ask the viewers of Hidden Plymouth dig deep into your family roots to share your memories, photographs & stories of World War II.

Was yourself or a member of family a member of Air Raid Precautions?

Ex-services who manned the gun batteries?

Have memories of the air raids & life after the war growing up amongst the rubble of the old city?

Did you have a family member of Churchill’s Secret Army, the Auxilliary Units or the Home Guard?

Any stories, even if not thought of any worth, can help us build a bigger picture of the sites we have documented. Each week we find new snippets of information & add this to our research which has often led to the discovery of something completely forgotten for years.

This is a chance for Plymouth citizens to share their memories with the World & also to help preserve the memory of those who fought to keep the City alive & rebuild from the devastation of the Blitz. Alongside the blog & book, a new website will feature & archive the recollections, images & history alongside what we collate with Hidden Plymouth, also in conjunction with Cyberheritage, over the coming years.

Please get in contact via with your stories. We look forward to hearing from you!

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