Monday 26 November 2012

Millbrook Floods Help - Thank You!!

UPDATED 7pm Monday 3rd december, 2012

Many thanks to each & every person who kindly donated to the Millbrook Flood Help with monies raised going to Millbrook Village Hall Playgroup that is currently in a temporary home at the Scout Hut. A total of 19 people donated the sum of £190 via PayPal, minus the PayPal fees of 5.4% (£10.26) giving a total sum of £179.74. Although we spoke with PayPal directly again today, they will not remove or reduce their fees unless we are a registered charity which of course, we aren't. However, as soon as we found this out earlier in the week we also made the decision to donate our fees from any photos used in the media to make up for this. We are extremely grateful for your support!!

Final Total Donations £284.74

Thank you all & we hope to bring you photos of where the cash helped soon!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has sent mails of support & donations to those affected in the Millbrook flooding on Saturday night. From launching the PayPal Donation page last night you have raised more than £100 & we hope to raise a little more in the 6 days remaining. With your help we can contribute, even if only a little, toward the fund.

The PayPal Donations will run until 6pm Sunday 2nd December & we will issue a press release of the grand total raised at 7pm & throughout the week you will see updates via the Millbrook Flood Help Facebook Group.

After attending a drop-in session at Millbrook Scout Hut for Multi-Agency Flood Recovery this evening we bring you the following photos taken across the last 48 hours. This was from just one affected area don't forget & we hope that others across the South West are getting the full support required to enable a return back to some sort of normality as swift as possible.

This blog will return back to normality next week when we bring you a feature on one of the Palmerston Forts. Until then we thank you for your understanding, both our cameras took on water damage so we won't be doing photos for a few days anyway!

Please do not copy, use or distribute any of the photos without prior written permission via; 

Deep water spanned the road near Antony House, Torpoint

This best portrays how hard the rainfall was

By this point our camera lens had suffered water damage

King Street, Millbrook

Fore Street, Millrbook

Diverting the water - Millpool Head, Millbrook

West Street, Millbrook

Firefighters from Torpoint Station survey the scene outside the Devon & Cornwall Inn
Inside the Devon & Cornwall Inn

The Morning After

Spar Shop - Millbrook

Quay Garage, Millbrook

Locals worked throughout the night & into the next morning

Sunday Lunch cancelled at the Devon & Cornwall Inn

The scene looking down King Street, Millbrook

Landslide in St Andrews Street, Millbrook

Landslide near Millbrook Surgery
Polbathic Garage under water

Tregantle to Crafthole Road Landslide

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