Sunday, 17 February 2013

Excursions - Morwellham Quay (2010)

This is a visit from the archives from back in March 2010, during a trip out checking out sites further up the River Tamar. We happened to swing by Morwellham Quay for a cuppa in the tea shop only to find it desolated, over the first hour only a couple of locals appeared during our roam around & we headed along the water's edge along the mine railway up to the entrance. It felt strange walking down here as the train should have been rolling along with families to enter the mine for tours. A solo canoeist paddles past us on his way up the Tamar & we exchange 'good day' nods before heading back to the quayside. It was only later that we realised the once popular attraction was in a state of limbo struggling to stay open. That, however was back in 2010 & thankfully this great site was given a new lease of life & has grown from strength to strength which is great to hear!

Windows to the sky

Rusted rails from the mining era

Mineral wagons awaiting their next move

A rusty noose frames the mineral carts

I first visited Morwellham in 2007 with my Son & the place was teaming with visitors, so it was hard to believe the place was so quiet but at the same time was such a great experience to sit around the site in complete silence bar nature. It made us wonder what would happen if the attraction were to close & the effect it would have on the local community. We plan to revisit this fantastic historic mining community again soon & show the changes three years on. Until then, we leave you with a few more photos from back in 2010.

Nobody's Sweet Home

Through the workshop window

Rustic transport

Water wheel


The mines of Morwellham Quay

All trains cancelled today

Mirror tracks

Morwellham Quay - 2010


  1. It was a fine day out - thanks !

    1. Wasn't it just G! Must go back to see how the place has changed & full of life again!