Sunday 8 July 2012

GWR Baggage Store, Millbay Docks

Site visits between 2008/9

Part of the Great Western Railway line, this baggage store was built in the 1920's for passengers arriving & departing at the Great Western Docks, Millbay. The last GWR passenger train ran from the docks in 1963, although it continued to be used by freight trains until 1971. Afterwards it was used by Farley's for storage possibly in the late '70s, early '80s & finally Vospers car showroom until being abandoned & left derelict for years. Deemed an eyesore by many who failed to appreciate it's striking features, notably the curved rear section where trains would once pass through to the docks, this fantastic building is now gone, recently demolished as part of the ongoing regeneration of the Millbay area. This would have made a striking conversion but instead it will probably be replaced with some ghastly looking apartments that have no character.

Image showing the unique curved section

The view from the ferry port road

Loading platform

A different angle

The vehicle loading bay

Cast iron spiral staircase to the offices

Doorway to the offices

Lift controls

Just one of the thousands of old Farley's baby food tins, this batch destined for export to the Far East

The Farley's tins floor!

At the top of the main spiral staircase, roof level

Looking at the spiral staircase exit on the roof

Looking down one of the lift shafts

British Transport lift regulations notice

Lift hydraulics on the roof

Top of the baggage chute

Top of one of the lifts

Photos during the demolition

A section of the baggage chute looks more like a snail, trying to escape the cutter's torch!


  1. Thank goodness you were there to record the before and after of this beautiful building.

    1. Really did like the building, shame it has gone now.

  2. Excellent. I like your recording style. Imaginative photos.

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment Liz. We just try to portray the site from a different perspective.