Monday 16 July 2012

GWR Goods Shed, Millbay Docks

Site Visited - June 2009

Adjacent to the GWR baggage store was this smaller goods shed, with platform consisting of blue & red brick steps. The exact year when this was built is unclear but is thought to pre-date the larger building, it's last use being a car repair garage or storage for Vospers judging by miscellaneous equipment left abandoned such as diagnostics & wheel alignment machines. The shed was connected to the baggage store via a gate with a small guardhouse attached, although the gate had long gone & replaced with a wall, this was an entry point for vehicles at one time. Interestingly the long brick walled side of the shed exterior had a ghost ad faintly visible & i'm still trying to determine what it actually read in full, I'm assuming the first part read 'Great', so my guess is the Great Western. I've searched everywhere to find old photographs but found nothing yet, have a look for yourself & see if you can make out what the full ad would have read.

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