Friday 26 October 2012

Plymouth Airport - In Limbo

Almost a year on from closure, Plymouth City Airport still lies in a state of limbo, a modern day battle for it's future ongoing between the owners & a group of Plymothians fighting to bring it back to operational use, backed by thousands of locals who fear the loss of the airport would have detrimental effect for the city's growth. This week, a 38,000 strong petition was delivered to the Prime Minister by Plymouth Labour MP, Alison Seabeck along with hundreds of letters & e-mails of support for the Viable group. To show your support & get the full lowdown head over to the Viable website or their Facebook page;

Over the coming months we will look back on the airport with a glorious history that dates back to 1923, & it's use in WWII as a Royal Naval Air Station & then RAF Roborough. We are looking to expand on the history already in the public domain with personal accounts of the people who manned & worked, or even visited the airfield over the years & encourage any former military or civilian to get in touch with us to share your memories.

The final day of operations was Friday 23rd December, 2011 & Hidden Plymouth obtained exclusive photos of the sombre day that until now, have never been published. Much of what we document has been left to rot or demolished. Like those lost places, will we be looking back on these photos in 10 years time with views of runways replaced with housing & retail village....The sound of aircraft engines rumbling down the old polo field never to be heard again.....We hope not! Viable has our support & we hope that their hard work will finally result in the airport reopening & provide a gateway to the local economy as part of Plymouth's future growth.

Plymouth City Airport - Final Day of Ops

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