Sunday 5 August 2012

The Forgotten Land of Plymouth's Civil War

A lovely sunny Saturday morning....perfect start to a day of a field research in & around Plymouth with a number of sites visited. Two sites have been on the backburner for so long, & it was finally the day to begin another phase of research beginning with a truly forgotten piece of land that was once of great importance during the Civil War.

It's something I need to research a lot more as my main interest is WWII remains but I believe this to possibly be Lipson Fort. With commanding views over Efford, Mannadon & beyond it provided an ideal location for a defensive position. It was also once a Victorian garden & allotments but has been left to merge back with nature for the past few years. Now the forthcoming photos may not be as appealing as tunnels & shelters but nonetheless, this is to stress that our work is diverse in it's research & findings.

We found this pretty hard work actually in such heat wading through thick thorns, brambles & nettles, coming away with more than a few cuts & scrapes. The site is just so full of nature, alive with allsorts of wildlife including a fair few sloworms. Due to the site being up for sale for development, we will be presenting our findings to the relevant agencies for them to follow up on documenting it's history & environment before the landscape changes forever.

As with any piece of land that is deemed derelict signs of fly-tipping was evident & heavy in some of the lower areas. Thankfully we wear good safety boots as there are is one overgrown piece littered with literally hundreds of broken bottles, obscured by heavy vegetation.

More to follow from this in the near future once we get time to do further research.!


  1. The pictures may seem mundane but as you have suggested there is a lot of history in and around this site. Thank you

  2. Certainly a little different to what Hidden Plymouth readers are used to. Thank you for the feedback!