Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tunnel X - Recce 1

This is one of the projects that has always been on the backburner but finally, we sought & located one of the Plymouth Urban Myth Tunnels, aptly named by Cyberheritage & featured back in 2007 on his website. An anonymous person located & documented this mysterious tunnel, that has us all baffled as to it's original purpose. Could it be linked to a fort? Who knows, as a collapse at the end blocks one's path from what lay behind but one thing's for sure - a lot more research is clearly what the doctor ordered.

Sadly we only managed one picture before entering due to a full memory card from the days research in & around Plymouth & after 9 hours we were left feeling a little tired, so I didn't really get to spend as much time as I wanted in there. Since starting our own research, we have often been told of 'Plymouth's lost tunnels' that are to be found here, there & everywhere.....yes, we all know there is a tunnel to Drake's Island.....don't we?

This is one of four locations across the city that have ongoing research & in respect of the landowners, we have been asked not to reveal their true identity for many worthwhile reasons. What we do find, rest assured, these will be documented before they are either resealed or lost to development.

Since exploring this we have come up with a few theories, or should that read fairies.....but that's all they are.....theories!

Not located on any map, even as a ruin from a former house - certainly there were no properties documented here leaves only a handful of options, all of which lead toward military heritage from years gone by. This wasn't going to be just another air raid shelter, & although quite featureless in some sense of the word, the mystery behind it's actual use fuels the excitement. Sods law it could even turn out to be a drainage adit but even so, we have to find the answers....could be in for a long haul!

Tunnel X - The Journey Begins


  1. I've been intruiged by this since I saw the initial discovery on cyberheritages website, I've been waiting for progress ever since. I should imagine you get a lot of offers, but i'd really be interested in coming along with you or helping in anyway i can.
    I'll be watching this space very closely!
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you for the interest James. We do indeed get lots of offers but our insurance doesn't cover for other persons. That said each persons helps in their own way & who knows what the future holds, especially with our weekender coming up!

  2. As a teenager in the 70s me and friends hung around the Widey Court area. I know that there was a tunnel entrance, oval shaped and lined with stones but only a foot or so deep, in a hedge/bank on the perimeter of widey court primary school which used to have a field in between it and the main road ( on the left of the footpath that used to lead to the school.

    This was said to be one of the tunnels used in the Civil War and it was supposed to lead to Eggbuckland Church way.

    No idea if it's still there now as houses were built in the field. On the lower path that is next to the school entrance , about 100m along there used to be an oak tree, hollowed out , whcih was also claimed as a tunnel entrance to the old Manor.